3rd time in 3 years a US flat foot is stolen from a home

2nd February, 2020 17:07:17A new technology called “steal-the-flat” has made thieves more successful in stealing from homes in the US.

A study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found that thieves were more successful at stealing from a house if it was on a public street than if it were on private property.

The study looked at the theft of homes in 15 cities in the state of Wisconsin.

It found that flat-foot theft of property was up by 3.7% from the previous year.

The report also found that burglars used flat-footed theft to target properties that they were unlikely to be able to find a way to break into.

The FBI and the study’s authors said the findings could help law enforcement understand the motivations of thieves.

In the report, the authors of the study, Daniel Roesler and David Hochman, said flat-feet were more difficult to steal than other types of stolen property, such as stolen firearms or gold.

“We’re looking at this from the perspective of law enforcement because it’s a relatively new technology,” Roeslers told The New York Times.

“We need to be aware that there’s some overlap in what these two types of thefts are.”

The researchers found that, on average, thieves stole flat feet at about 7.2% per year, or about 4,000 flat feet per year.

That means they were targeting homes in places with a lot of people in the city.

The increase in the number of people living in cities may have made flat-tossers more willing to use the method, according to the researchers.

The researchers noted that they could not determine whether thieves were targeting the same property twice.

But they noted that it was likely that thieves targeting different properties could be similar.

“A flat foot may be more valuable to a criminal because it can be hidden in plain sight and the victim may not notice the theft,” the researchers wrote.

“In addition, a flat foot could be less likely to be stolen if the victim is aware of the theft.”

However, the study said flat feet could also be used to commit “non-robust” crimes, such to steal a car or a bicycle.

“This study is an attempt to explore a new type of property theft,” Rieslers told the Times.

“What we are seeing is that this technology is effective in deterring property theft.

This is really a technology that’s going to make a difference in the criminal justice system.”

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