A flat Earth theory that proves a flat earth is not the truth

By Steve Neumann-PetersenPublished November 13, 2018 10:30AMEDOCKEY, Wyoming (AP) Flat Earth Theory has been proven wrong, but that hasn’t stopped people from believing in it.

The theory has long been considered one of the world’s most influential.

It posits that the Earth is round and that all of the planets orbit in a circle around the sun.

But recent satellite images, which were obtained from orbit, have raised questions about the theory.

For example, the new satellite imagery indicates that the planet has been getting hotter and that the poles are getting closer.

The United States has already confirmed that the polar regions are getting warmer, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has found evidence of melting ice in Greenland and Antarctica.

The new satellite images also show that the ocean has become denser.

It was previously thought that oceans would be denser due to climate change.

But in addition to these trends, scientists have also noticed changes in the atmosphere that are different from the flat Earth view.

For instance, the oceans are rising faster than previously thought.

This new data shows that oceans are also becoming warmer and are being absorbed more quickly by the atmosphere.

So why do people believe in flat earth?

It all comes down to a lot of things.

First, the flat earth theory is still being developed, and so people are not sure exactly what the truth is.

Second, people are trying to prove that the earth is round by studying the changes in satellite imagery.

Third, the idea has been around for centuries, so the belief has a long history.

People are also often confused by the word flat.

While the word refers to a particular surface or object, it is actually a way of describing the way it looks when viewed from different angles.

The term flat earth has a history dating back to 1873, when John F. Kennedy wrote an editorial in the New York Times Magazine that called flat Earth “the most plausible scientific explanation of the motions of the earth and the universe.”

But the Flat Earth Society has since changed its name to the Earth, Climate and Global Change Foundation, and has not followed through on its goal of changing the flat-Earth theory.

So what do scientists say about the flat earther theory?

There’s a lot going on in this theory, said Eric Fidler, a professor of geography at the University of Alabama at Birmingham who has studied the theory since its inception.

He says the idea that the world is round has a lot to do with how the earth orbits around the Sun.

In the solar system, the planets and the sun are rotating.

So if you look at the Earth from a certain angle, the Earth appears to be moving around the planet.

It looks like a ball of ice.

But from a different angle, it looks like an ellipse, which is a sphere.

If you look from a more different angle the Earth looks like it’s a sphere, so from an Earth-based perspective it looks round.

This is why some people believe the Earth’s axis is moving away from the sun, while others think the Earth-centered model is correct.

But the fact that the Sun rotates every 24 hours is consistent with the theory, Fidlers said.

In fact, satellites have captured images of the Earth rotating and looking like a sphere or ellipsoid every day for about two years.

And in those images, the sun has actually rotated on average twice as fast as it did during the day, Fiddlers said, which would explain why the sun is not always shining from above the horizon.

But if you go further out, the Sun does not always appear to be shining.

It sometimes appears to take on a strange color, which Fidelsons said is due to light reflecting off the surface.

This phenomenon is called corona, and it’s caused by a small object in space called a corona bulge.

If the corona is large enough, it can affect the way light interacts with the Earth.

The fact that corona can be observed every day means that it’s not possible to tell from satellites whether the Earth actually has an axis or not.

And that’s where satellite imagery comes in.

The new satellite image showed the Earth in a different position relative to the sun every day.

In addition to the new imagery, satellite data shows changes in Earth’s orbit that are consistent with changes in tides.

So the theory is not without its problems.

There is also a lot more that goes into the theory than just changing the sun’s rotation, Fidsler said.

But what makes the flat geoscientist so convinced that the theory holds up is the theory has an incredibly wide range of interpretations.

And if you want to test it out, Fidallls said, there are ways to do that.

For example, you can try using a satellite’s infrared camera to get an image of the surface of the planet and compare that

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