A Flat Tire And A Flat Pretzel Story From ‘The Crocs Show’

A flat tire and a flat pretzel are the latest news stories to make their way into the world of television.

The Crocs show, which has been airing since the 1980s, took viewers to the world’s first flat tire in a story titled “A Flat Tire and a Flat Pretzels Story.”

It’s a story that could have been written for the TV show “The Crocus Show,” but for one reason or another it was deemed too “too funny” by the creators of the program.

Crocs co-creator, Mike Ditko, said in a statement that the flat tire story was a “flop,” and “a failure of creative control” and “an attempt to turn it into a comedy.”

“It was also a failure of the Crocs writers and producers to grasp the gravity of the situation,” he continued.

“The idea of a flat tire is absurd.

It is ridiculous and in a perfect world, we would be having a flat out on the road every day, but in reality it is not so simple.

This is a story of how a flat has been created.”

While the story was originally intended to be funny, Crocs fans and other critics were not pleased by the idea of the flat tires being the subject of a television show.

“It’s like an old school cartoon of how flat tires should be,” said Ditka, who also wrote the pilot for the show.

The flat tire “was an unfortunate development and a failure by the Croci writers and viewers,” he said.

The show was pulled from air after two seasons and an apology.

“I understand and sympathize with the people who feel that they were not allowed to see this story,” Ditkin said.

“We are sorry for the people that didn’t get to see it.

It was a difficult time.”

Ditkos apology also included a new take on the flat, calling it a “flat tire on wheels.”

The new take was not as much of a success.

The new flat is the latest in a string of flat tire stories, most notably from the sitcom “The Jeffersons” and the film “The Grinch,” which also featured a flat.

“For a while now, I’ve been trying to think of ways to try to make this a bit more relevant and a bit funnier,” Dokko said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“And the first idea that came to my mind was to have this story be about an old flat tire that has become a flat.”

The Crocus show aired from 1994 to 2001 and was a hit with the audience.

It also aired on HBO, the network that has also shown the “Grimm” films and other television series, as well as HBO Sports.

The series also aired in syndication on HBO in 2006.

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