Biggest fishy item of the year – Tortilla flats

Biggest item of 2015 is a tortilla flat iron from Foxy Bae, which will set you back £5.50.

A Foxy bae flat is available for just £9.99 from a local butcher.

Source: RTE TV News / Channel 4 News headline Tortilla flat’s real price £5,50 – Channel 4 news article Bigger fishy fishy thing of the last six months was the arrival of Foxybade, a new tortilla dish which cost just £5 a pop.

It is a great alternative to the regular tortilla and can be enjoyed at home with friends.

The flat iron comes in two sizes, and can also be ordered in a variety of shapes and colours.

Foxybbade will set a new benchmark for any fishy dish that is made with a simple but tasty shell and ingredients that are both fresh and fresh made.

The dish was created by British chef Steve Beadle, and it was the biggest fishy deal of the decade. Read more

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