‘Black Flats’ a new genus in the world of coffee?

Brown flats are a group of soils in a region of South Africa that are mostly in dry, tropical zones. 

This type of soil is called “black”, which means “very dark”.

The name derives from the dark green colour of the soil that makes up the black colour of its surrounding green vegetation.

The word black is also used to describe soil that is very rich in carbonates, minerals, and other organic compounds, including iron.

But the soils in these areas have a distinct dark green color, and the dark soils are more similar to what the term brown means.

This is because black is a mineral which is rich in iron, carbonates and other elements.

When it rains, the soil in the brown flats in South Africa gets soaked and soaked up.

This leads to the formation of brown deposits which are known as brown flats.

In this video, the first brown flat is shown in a video titled “Black Flat”, a new species of coffee.

The new species is named “Mangwana” (black), a name that derives from Mangwana, the land of the Manganese people.

In the video, it shows the plant, which is named after the Manganesi people.

It is the first time that a coffee species has been described in the literature and its species name has been selected for the first ever coffee cultivation experiment.

The first commercial coffee plantations were established in South Korea in 2012, which was followed by a wave of commercial production in North America, Europe, and Australia in 2016.

The coffee grown in the coffee plantations of South African coffee farmers has been known since the 1980s, when the farmers were asked to cultivate the coffee in the black flat.

The process of growing the coffee was described in 1995, and is now known as “planting black”.

The research paper describing the coffee cultivation in the African plantations was published in the journal Nature Communications, and it has been published in the English language journal, Nature Communications.

In the future, researchers will be able to harvest the coffee crop from these plantations in the next two years, which will provide researchers with a unique opportunity to test whether this coffee is indeed suitable for commercial coffee cultivation.

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