How to create your own flat earth meme

When the United Nations launched its Global Flat Earth Commission last month, it promised to help make sure the Earth is “considered a unified and credible resource for all humanity.”

Now, with the launch of its own flat Earth meme, the UN has a way to do just that.

The Flat Earth meme is a collection of memes that have been created by users of social media platforms.

The goal is to show how flat earth myths have evolved over time, and what we can do to combat the spread of misinformation about the Earth.

The meme has been popular on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook, and it has been shared thousands of times.

It’s also shared in places like the Flat Earth Society, a nonprofit that seeks to spread awareness of the Earth’s origins.

The flat earth myth has evolved over the centuries.

The flat earth legend dates back to ancient Egypt.

But before that, it was a belief in a planet called the Earth that was located on a sphere around the sun.

It was thought to be a spherical globe.

It is commonly believed that the earth is made of mostly rocks and soil.

But a team of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, has argued that the Earth really is made up of many solid objects.

The researchers argue that the world is round and that the globe is flat.

This isn’t the first time that the flat earth has been around.

In fact, it has existed in some form in all cultures for at least 5,000 years.

But it took another 5,500 years to be scientifically validated, according to the researchers.

They also argue that this time, the scientific community did not accept the flat Earth as accurate.

They believe that a scientific consensus has been established on the flat land, and that there are many other claims that have emerged over the years.

The researchers, led by Professor David H. Smith, have been studying the evolution of the flatness myth in order to better understand the history of the myth.

They found that there has been a long-standing belief in the flatland, and this belief has evolved.

For example, in the Middle Ages, the flat was believed to be an island that was a part of a larger landmass.

As a result, people believed that flat land was a separate entity from the surrounding land.

They called the land ‘the earth.’

As the researchers put it, this belief is “based on a lack of reliable data,” which is “in the context of the evolution, selection, and adaptation of human populations over the last 5,100 years.”

They argue that it was “a mythological construct of an isolated group of people in the 19th century.”

They also note that there is a long history of people claiming to have discovered the Earth and to have found the continents on the other side of the globe.

The belief that the Flatland was actually flat was “supported by multiple evidence.”

The flat Earth is based on a false premiseThe flat land myth has become an integral part of the Flat Earthers’ worldview, and the FlatEarthers are committed to proving it wrong.

They point to a recent discovery in Alaska that supports their belief that there actually is a flat continent, as well as several other examples of people who have claimed to have seen the Earth, and who have been proven wrong.

“They’re using the FlatEarth as a way of discrediting our scientific consensus and dismissing the flat,” Smith said.

“This is a clear case of the kind of manipulation that we see in other hoaxes, like the Loch Ness Monster, where hoaxers make up the story as if it’s a myth.”

The Flat Earmarks have been a part on the Flat Land communityFor example, the FlatLand Society claims that it has collected more than 10,000 submissions from the Flat Lands of the world, and has collected them in a spreadsheet.

These submissions are then used to produce the meme.

For instance, a post on a site called states that there’s a Flatland in Alaska, but there are actually a number of other Flat Lands.

In response, FlatEarmarks, an organization that has been actively working to debunk the Flat lands, created an official Flat Land meme.

The meme shows how flat the land is.

It also shows how much land is around it.

In other words, the meme is designed to make the viewer believe that there isn’t much land around the Flat land.

“The Flat Land Foundation is a non-profit, non-political organization whose mission is to preserve and advance the belief in, and scientific research on, the Earth as the flatest and most perfect sphere on Earth,” the Flatlands Foundation said in a statement.

“The FlatLand Foundation’s Flatland meme was created to support and advance this mission.”

As the Flatlanders’ memes spread, so has skepticism.

The Flatland Foundation was forced to shut down in December 2017 after several members were exposed for being duped.

The group was forced by the United States government to take legal

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