How to get rid of a flat tire

The only way to fix a flat tyre is to replace it, says one Toronto-area man.

In a video posted to YouTube last month, Kyle, a father of two, said he would buy a new flat tire and replace it with a new one and repair it at the same time.

But the only way Kyle would have to do that was if he bought a new set of flat tires and replaced them with new ones.

Kyle said his family has been looking for a new pair of flat tyres for months, and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, he decided to give the job a try.

He started with a set of 25 tires from a local tire shop and went on to buy the same number of tires from other shops.

He decided to do the same thing with his wife’s flat tire.

Kyle and his wife are happy to share the video, but he wants to point out that it’s a personal choice.

“We have a flat and it’s like this, we just keep replacing it, and it never gets any better,” Kyle said.

The couple said they’ve spent about $1,000 on the new tires and the repair work is going well.

But they still have one last job to do before they’re ready to give their new flat a proper rest.

“I’m going to get this new flat, and I’m going, ‘I’m just going to fix it, I’m just gonna do this,’ and then I’m never going to touch it again,” Kyle explained.

Kyle, who has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Waterloo, said it was a lot of work to get to this point.

“You need to have a set up, you need to put it together, you have to have your tools, and you have an amazing staff,” he said.

“And it’s not just a flat.”

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