How to get your iPhone 6s and 6s Plus ready for winter 2018

By now you’ve probably seen the headlines and the photos of snowflakes, ice crystals and even the arrival of the big white ones that look like they’ve just been plucked from an animated movie.

But this winter, there’s a bit more to the story.

The snowfall season is winding down, and with it comes a new cycle of storms that will bring new conditions and new weather patterns to cities around the globe.

That means that, as a whole, the world is in for an unusually warm winter, but it won’t be quite as cold as it was a few years ago.

In fact, winter is going to be a bit warmer than it was during the warmest part of the year.

And this means that the winter of 2018 isn’t going to look quite like what we’re used to.

That’s because there are some really big differences between this year and the ones we’ve seen in the past.

In 2018, the year is set to get significantly colder.

For one thing, there will be more snow.

The National Weather Service is predicting a record low of -12.5°F (6.8°C) in the middle of November, with that number falling well below zero during the first few months of next year. 

And because it will be so much warmer, it’s also going to mean that people will be spending less time outdoors.

The number of days per week outdoors in 2018 will fall from the current average of 4,200 to 3,500, and the number of people who are likely to spend their days indoors will drop from 5 million to 4 million.

This year, it will likely be even worse than that.

Winter isn’t expected to get much warmer than today, but in 2018 it will fall far less than in past years.

The average wintertime temperature in the United States will dip to -28°F (-17°C), which is just below the 20th century average.

This year’s average winter temperatures will drop even further below the historic average, and in many areas it’s already below zero. 

So, while we’re seeing some of the most extreme weather we’ve ever seen, this winter is set up to be even more extreme.

The effects of winter on the economy are going to go from being the biggest issue of the decade to being one of the biggest challenges of the next several years.

Winter has already had a devastating impact on the U.S. economy.

According to a new report from the U-verse Institute for Economic Policy Research, between 2008 and 2020, the economy suffered from $1.5 trillion in losses.

That includes $1 trillion in direct lost wages, $1 billion in lost productivity, $700 billion in losses in the value of assets, and $300 billion in additional lost economic activity.

In other words, $500 billion of the economic damage caused by the severe winter storms is not directly attributable to the severe weather. 

The National Climate Assessment, which was released last year, also estimates that $3.4 trillion of the $4.9 trillion economic loss will occur in the next five years, and a whopping $1,900 billion in the last decade alone.

While we’re still far from seeing the kind of damage we’ve experienced in the first year of the winter season, the UNAIDS study suggests that the effects of the severe winters could be significant in the future.

As temperatures cool and the seasons become more arid, more crops and livestock will need to be harvested. 

While it may not be the warm winter we’ve come to expect, the next decade could see a dramatic shift in how people spend their time outdoors and what they do with their time.

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