How to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays

By Lauren Williams, BBC News, Sydney-Sydney article As the heat waves and droughts hit Australia, some people are opting to wear face shields to protect their eyes from sunburn.

But what about those who are not in the tropics?

These are the sun-resistant glasses that can be purchased online.

There are also sunglasses made from fabrics made from plant matter, such as wool or cotton.

But are they suitable for people with mild to moderate skin types?

That’s what Dr David Tewes of the University of New South Wales is trying to answer.

The University of Sydney’s Dr Tewe is an expert in sun protection technology.

He says sun protection products should not be a luxury.

“If you’re a person with mild or moderate skin, you can get pretty good protection,” he says.

“But if you have darker skin and a high sun sensitivity, you’ll need more protection.”

What does sun protection do?

Dr Tews says sun-protection is a protective act by blocking the sun from entering the eye.

This causes the outer layer of skin, called the cornea, to become darker and the corneal capillaries to fill with water.

It can then become cloudy.

“In general, if you get too much sun exposure and you develop a skin condition that makes your skin dry or irritated, you should avoid going outdoors,” he said.

“The sun can damage your skin and the underlying cells of your skin.

If you have a skin disease that causes your skin to dry out or irritate your skin, then you should also avoid sun exposure.”

What to do if you can’t afford sun protection Dr Teswes advises people should not rely on the sunblock products available.

“Some people might be very worried about wearing sunscreen, and others might be worried about how they look in it,” he explained.

“What I would say to people who are worried about their sun protection, you might want to consider wearing sunscreen.

It is a good way to protect against the sun.”

How to choose an eye protector?

You can purchase sunblock glasses online from a range of brands.

There’s a range from cheap, cheap, to expensive.

However, you need to check that your sunscreen is made from a suitable fabric, such a wool or Cotton.

You can also get a sunblock mask from an online retailer.

Some sunblock brands are also available at the doctor’s office or drugstore.

Dr Terss recommends that you get a face mask to protect the area around your eyes.

The mask can help to keep your eyes dry, and may also reduce the risk of eye infections and other skin conditions.

For people who don’t wear sunglasses, Dr Tedes recommends that they wear sunblock masks.

If a face shield is not suitable, you may want to look for a sun block that has a UV protector.

You may also want to check your local sunscreen store to see if they carry sunblock sprays.

The Australian sunscreen brands are Sunblock, Naturals, Nourish, Ultraviolet and Nourist.

What about sunscreen that isn’t available online?

Some of the sunblocking sunscreens available online include Natural’s UV Protector, Nude, Sunblock and Pure UV.

However if you’re looking for a product that is available in-store or online, Dr Tayes suggests you check out the brands that are on the shelves.

“These products can be used on the beach or in the shade, and it can be very effective for people who want to protect themselves,” he explains.

How long does it last? “

When you buy these products, you also get the sun protection that’s available in stores.”

How long does it last?

The Australian National University (ANU) found that most of the sunscreen available online is safe to use for at least six months.

That means the sunscreen in question should be used in moderation, with an eye-to-eye distance of less than two metres.

For a longer term protection, a more intense spray is recommended.

Dr Tay, who also runs a small research company called SunShield, says sunscream products can last for a long time.

“You can get some of these products for as little as six months,” he told BBC News.

“People might get it for up to three years, but if you apply it regularly for 12 months or more, you’re probably getting more of a protection benefit.”

What about products that claim to be SPF 20 or above?

The ANU says the sunscreen that’s recommended to be used with sunblock is not a SPF.

The ANA recommends that people avoid wearing sunblock that claims to have SPF levels above 20.

They also recommend that people should use sunscreen only when they are wearing sunglasses, or when using a shade or tinted sunscreen.

“I think sunscreen is good for people,” Dr Tay said.

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