I just bought my first flats and they are SO flat

Posted November 08, 2018 11:12:37I bought my flat in the capital’s trendy East Village.

It’s so small and cozy and I love it!

But I can’t believe how it’s so flat.

I’ve seen flats with a floor plan of 30-40sqm, but this is way too big.

Even my flatmate has told me it’s too small.

A friend of mine bought a flat with a 15sqm floorplan.

This one is on the top floor of her flat and I have to imagine it’s going to be a lot more difficult to walk up the stairs.

I also noticed that I’m taller than my flatmates, and taller than everyone else.

We all seem taller than the other flatmates and it’s not because we’re taller.

My height is actually fairly average.

I’m 6ft2.

So, my flat is a little taller than everybody else.

But it’s also a lot smaller than my room.

The size of my flat was also very noticeable when I moved in, because I have a lot of rooms.

If you’re a taller person, you’ll probably notice the same thing.

But I’m actually not a big fan of this flat.

It’s too big and I’ve noticed my legs are a little cramped and it feels like I’m being forced to move in a bit.

I think this is a bit unfair.

It feels very uncomfortable and I’m worried about being able to sleep in my flat because I don’t have any place to sleep.

I think my friend’s flat is also a bit small.

It might be just right, but I’m definitely not happy with it.

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