Mary Jane flats are for sale

The Mary Jane flat is one of a handful of flats being snapped up by the property agent.

The owner is keen to get her hands on the property and has listed it on the Sydney Harbour Bridge for $7.25 million.

The flat is in the same area as the newly renovated Victoria House, which has been on the market for $4.5 million.

But Mary Jane has plans for more flats in the area.

“There are lots of flats in this area and I am keen to sell them as soon as possible so that we can be able to build a more modern house,” Mary Jane Property agent, Tom Trew, told

The listing price is now $7,875,000 and there are more available on the site.

There is also a vacant property in the flat that the seller is keen on selling.

The flats in Sydney Harbour are being snapped-up at a steep discount.

The median price in Sydney for a Sydney flat is $1.5m.

It is now up to $3.5million for a similar property in Melbourne.

Mr Trew said he hoped the buyer would also be keen to expand their family.

He said it was important to be able for the seller to build the new house and he would be keen on buying it.

Mr Smith said there were many reasons why a buyer would want to buy a Mary Jane property.

“The owner is an artist and she is an art lover, she has been selling her work for a number of years,” he said.

It’s going to be an exciting time.” “

This is a wonderful property, it has a lovely front yard, there are lots to do and there’s a lot more space in the property.”

It’s going to be an exciting time.

Ms Smith said she was looking forward to moving into the new home and getting a new place to call home. “

It’s been a long time since I’ve sold a MaryJane and I’ve only ever been able to sell one before, so I am excited to see how that one turns out,” she said.

Ms Smith said she was looking forward to moving into the new home and getting a new place to call home.

The sale will take place on January 10. Kate O’Connor

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