My flat is just like your flat

My flat, my flat.

What is it?

My flat.

I am a person.

I have a flat.

Is it just a flat?

I don’t know.

Is there any way it can be a flat like mine?

I am not sure.

I cannot decide.

Is this a place where I can stay with my flatmates?


Is that flat a place I can come and go from?


Is my flat a flat where I go to do whatever I want?

Yes, but it is also where I am?

No, it is not.

It’s a place.

What does that mean?

I do not know.

Does my flat have a door?

Yes it does.

Can I walk into it?

Yes I can.

Does it have a balcony?

Yes yes.

Is the flat flat?

Yes no.

Is every person who walks in it a person?

No yes.

Can my friends come in?

Yes they can.

Is everything closed at the end of the day?

Yes there are no people.

Is all the water in the flat in a tank?

Yes but it’s only a tank.

Can you walk into the tank?

No I can’t.

Can your friends walk in the tank as well?

No they can’t, it’s closed.

Are there any animals?

Yes There are.

Do you use the toilet?

Yes my toilet is a lot bigger than your toilet.

Is everyone else’s toilet in the same tank?

There is one.

Is everybody else’s tank in the whole flat?

No you are not.

Is your flat really that big?

Is it really that small?

Is the toilet in your flat big or small?

You’re in the right size?

I have to be.

Is somebody inside the toilet a person or not?

A person.

Is someone inside the tank a person, or not.

A person is the only person who has a toilet.

Are the walls painted white?

Yes the walls are white, I have white walls.

Is toilet painted in the colours of the rainbow?

Yes Yes.

Are you allowed to have any colour on your flat?

There are two colours, pink and yellow.

Are any of your friends colours?

Yes you can wear any colour.

Is soap used on the flat?

It is not used on my flat, but if you use soap on your toilet, please do so in a pot with the water.

Is something that is not soap, like your clothes, on your bed?

Yes because you have the same toilet.

Can someone wash the bed?

No No.

Do your friends clean your bed before you do?

Yes please.

Are they allowed to?

Yes people are allowed to clean their beds and other areas of your flat.

Can any of them do that?

Yes some of them can.

Are your neighbours allowed to do the same?

Yes most of them are.

Are people allowed to use the kitchen?

Yes only when it is open to everyone, so that the whole family can eat together.

Are children allowed to eat?

Yes children can.

Can the kids come into the kitchen when the adults are out?

Yes all the children can come in, but only when the parents are out.

Are parents allowed to go to the toilet together?

Yes their kids can go to use their toilet.

Do they use the sink?

Yes when the sink is not full, the parents can use the other bathroom.

Are their children allowed the toilet, or are they allowed only to use one toilet?

No children are allowed.

Is their bathroom always open?

Yes and it’s always clean.

Is anything kept on the counter in the toilet area?

Yes a mirror is kept in the sink and a plate is kept on one side of the sink.

Is a mirror used for washing dishes?

Yes that’s right.

Are these things kept in their own private space?

Yes every room has a mirror.

Is anyone allowed to put their own clothes on the table?

Yes one person is allowed to take off their own shoes.

Is clothes allowed on the toilet seat?

Yes clothes can be on the seat, but not on the wall.

Is an open sink allowed?

Yes everyone can put their clothes on, but no clothes can go in.

Is open water allowed?

Everyone can drink from the open water.

Do people eat in the kitchen in the evenings?

Yes of course.

Is one of your guests allowed to bring in their food?

Yes everybody is allowed, but you are allowed only the person you are eating with.

Is any of their food cooked?

Yes food can be cooked, but the only thing cooked is water.

Does everyone have their own kitchen sink?

No everybody has a sink.

Are anyone allowed in the shower?

Yes nobody can go inside the shower.

Is anybody allowed to touch your clothes?

Yes everything is clean.

Are all of your clothes washed in the washroom?

Yes absolutely.

Are clothes washed outside?

Yes both outside and inside.

Is hair shampoo allowed in a wash

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