‘Sophisticated’ new flat piano with flat bench – RTE

RTE 1:30PM EST A new flat bench has been revealed on the cover of RTE’s latest issue, featuring a stylised image of the man who designed the first of them, Charles Eames.

The model is the first one to feature a flat bench built into the frame, and is said to be the latest in a line of models being unveiled by the renowned builder.

It’s been designed to offer the user a simple and elegant solution for the flat bench, with its curved arms extending around the back of the seat and the backrest supported by a raised, rectangular panel.RTE also released a picture of the chair with a flat, rounded arm and a rounded footrest.

The new flat chair features a large circular base and has a built-in seat, which will also be available in black, gold and brown colours.

Rte also reported that the model will be available as a single model, priced at €1,299, with an option for an additional flat arm.

 The price has not yet been revealed.

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