The Beatles song ‘Flat Earth’ was written by a flat earth believer, says ABC’s Peter Schor

Flats have been around for millennia.

But there’s one song written by one of them, and that song was written in a flat world.ABC’s Peter Hunt reports.

Key points:Aflatists believe the Earth is round because it was formed from water and dust over millions of yearsIt was also a metaphor for life, the songwriter claimsIt was written during the height of the Great Depression, when the United States was the world’s biggest debtorAflatism is a belief in the existence of an earth that is round.

Flat earth believers believe that the Earth was formed by water and the debris of its demise and that this was all brought together to form the Earth.

The Flat Earth Society, which promotes the belief in a “flat” Earth, is a small but influential organisation that promotes the idea that the earth is round by claiming it is a metaphor of life.

It claims that the “Earth was formed” by water, which is a theory that has not been proven.

Flats have existed for thousands of years, but the belief has only been around since the 1950s.

Flato, an anthropologist from the University of Tasmania, told ABC News: “We’ve had some evidence, but not really much.”

The theory is that it’s an ancient and very common belief that it is, that water has been everywhere in the world.””

There’s been no evidence to back up that, and yet it’s been taken on by a very large number of people.

“There’s not much evidence for the theory, however, and flat earth believers often claim to have proof.ABC journalist Peter Scharff recently wrote a book called Flat Earth: The World is Flat.

The book, which was published in 2016, claims that “more than half of all humans on the planet are living in a small flat Earth”.

Flat world theory has gained popularity in recent years, with the Flat Earth Podcast podcast in particular.”

We believe that there’s a flat Earth, but we have very little evidence that this is the case,” Flat Earth Radio host John O’Brien said in a recent episode.”

It’s really not a theory of science.

“The Flat-Earthers believe the planet is round on account of the fact that it was once formed from a liquid, water-filled world.

In their theory, a liquid (and a little dust) was thrown into a hot, dry environment, and the world was made of water.

This is how the Earth looks today.

A small section of the Earth’s surface is covered in sand and the Earth itself is not.

Source: ABC News | Duration: 01:28:58″The water and salt, they’re basically a giant ocean,” Flat-Earth Radio host O’Brian said.”

And then the hot air comes out, and it forms the atmosphere, and this water is then blown out.””

That’s where the earth gets its name.

That’s where it got its name from.

“Flats claim that the oceans are actually the result of a gigantic explosion.

Source : ABC News| Duration: 02:17:30The flat earth belief has also been supported by science.

A team of researchers from Australia and the United Kingdom discovered a planet that was actually the remnants of an ancient volcanic eruption.

The scientists found evidence of evidence of a large impact, and of a “glacial period” around 3.5 billion years ago.”

That would have been a really important geological period, and we think it was very similar to what we see today,” said lead author Dr Ben McFarland.”

So, it’s very similar in many ways, the volcanism is very similar, and there’s very, very little of the old lava that is still around.

“Dr McFarlands research found evidence that the landmass was covered in ancient mudstone.

Dr McCloud said: “The ancient mud was probably deposited in the early middle ages when there was a lot of erosion and a lot more activity in the environment.”

The team also found evidence from a site in South Africa where they found an ancient river, called the Cape.

Floyd Andrews, an archaeologist from The University of Melbourne, told the ABC that the research showed that the world is flat because the evidence suggests it was never flat.”

This is a very old argument, and I think it’s important to recognise that the evidence that we have points to this,” he said.”[We’ve] had evidence for a few thousand years, and then some geologists have been arguing that this evidence is a little bit out there.””

This theory that we’re flat is one that’s been around forever, but it’s just not proven to be the case.

“Mr Andrews told ABC Radio Melbourne’s “Morning Report” that the flat earth is a myth because he was a Christian.”I

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