The Flat Earth Bible The Flat Endings is the official title of this podcast, and it’s about the Flat Earth.

This podcast is about flat earth, and how its mythos has been misconstrued by those who claim to be believers.

There’s no evidence that it exists, so it is just a myth.

If you are a believer, I recommend you listen to this podcast as soon as possible, because if you don’t, you’re going to end up on the wrong side of the Flat Earthers.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to listen to a podcast about flat Earth.

  Flat Earth Myth vs. Flat Earth Reality: Is The Flat Eartharter Reality?

The Flat Ears and Flat Earts are two very different types of stories, and their different origins tell us a lot about the two worlds.

Flat Easters are the kind of stories that are built on the idea that there are only two dimensions to the universe, and that we live in one, but in reality there are many other dimensions.

In Flat Earth mythology, the Earth is just one big circle.

This is called the flat earth and its mythology is based on the belief that the Earth was once flat. 

For centuries, people have been making claims about the Earth being flat, even if they’ve never actually seen one.

This belief is often based on myths or stories that have been told about the Big Bang and the formation of the universe. 

In this podcast we will take a look at the myth of the Earth as a flat circle and discuss whether the flat is actually a myth, whether it’s true or not, and what the evidence is against it. 

The Flat Earth Is Not RealityThe Flat-Earth Myth has been told so many times that its been accepted as fact.

It is not true.

In fact, it is an incredibly common myth among flat earth believers.

It’s common knowledge that there’s no flat earth.

In a nutshell, the Flat-Earthers believe that the earth is not a circle but a ring, like the Earth’s rings, and the rings of Saturn.

They say that there is no ring of Saturn that goes around the planet and that Saturn’s rings are like a large, thin, dome that covers the Earth and makes it appear smaller.

These are all just myths. 

But they’re not just myths, they’re also false.

The flat earth is an accurate representation of what we see around us and that it’s not even an accurate depiction of the world.

If the earth was actually flat, it would be impossible to get through the Earth from the center, and our planet would not be the center of the Universe.

The center of our universe is only about 50 million miles away.

The Flat Enders have never seen any evidence that the flat Earth is actually flat.

They’ve never seen anything like the flat, so they just call it an illusion.

They have never ever seen evidence that disproves the flat-earth idea. 

We’ll look at some of the evidence for the flat earthers myth. 

Flat Earth Myth Is Not TrueThe Flatest Earth In the sky, the Sun is shining down on the Earth at the same time it is in the sky above it.

The Earth is only at its lowest point in the atmosphere, so the Sun shines directly down onto the Earth.

So, if you look directly down at the Earth, you can see it is at its deepest point. 

There are many flat earth myths about the sun, but the one that is commonly told the most is that the Sun actually shines up from below.

That’s because the Sun moves very slowly. 

If you look up from the ground you will see that it is very clear and that you can easily see its position in the night sky. 

Another flat-earther myth is that if you tilt the Earth to the side, the sun is going to rise.

It isn’t going to.

It doesn’t really rise up, it just moves very quickly from the side. 

This flat earth myth is actually false. 

Even if you did see the sun rise, the motion of the sun would still be at its highest point.

You would still see it rise, but it would not rise up very high. 

A Flat Eardrum Is a Flat Ear.

You’ve heard that flat eardrums are made of wood and paper, and you’ve also heard that the reason why people can’t hear sounds in a flat ear is because the sound waves are travelling through air. 

However, this flat-eared explanation is incorrect.

It says that the sound energy travels through the air.

The sound energy is not being transmitted through the sound of the air moving.

The air is just the medium through which the sound is being transmitted.

If you look at a diagram of a flat earshot, the air is the “surface.”

This means that

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