‘Toxic’: Flat Earth, Flat Earth documentary exposes myths and misinformation about the earth

In a documentary called “Toxic,” which premiered this week at the University of Chicago, documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis, who co-directed the film, explores the history and science of the earth, its inhabitants, and the people who live on it.

Curtis is a self-described “flat earth guy” and says he grew up believing that the Earth is flat and not round, but that has been proven to be incorrect.

In “Toxicity,” Curtis examines what it takes to live on the Earth in a way that makes sense.

“The most important thing is the knowledge of what we’re living on,” he says.

Curtis hopes that “Toxi” will inspire a new generation to become more informed about the world around them.

Curtis says the film’s most important message is that we need to live with the facts, which he says is why it focuses on how we live.

“If you can live with that, you can change the world,” Curtis says.

“It’s the kind of conversation that you want to have, whether you’re in the military, whether your friends, whether anybody else is listening.”

The film explores a variety of topics including how our relationship with the Earth has changed, how we’ve altered the planet, and how the human race has changed over the past 50 years.

“When you see the Earth from the perspective of humans, you realize it’s not really the same thing as it was 50 years ago,” Curtis said.

“We live in a different world.”

Curtis says he hopes that people will be inspired to be more aware of what they’re living in.

“In my opinion, it’s really about a human-centric worldview,” he said.

In the documentary, Curtis shows a picture of the Earth taken by a NASA spacecraft, and he shows that it’s actually a globe that’s actually about 200 miles (322 kilometers) across.

Curtis uses images from the Hubble Space Telescope and satellite imagery to show how Earth has grown in the past two million years.

Curtis explains that the human body has changed since the dawn of civilization and that this change has altered the Earth’s climate and the climate of the oceans.

In fact, the oceans are warming and the oceans can hold more water than they were in ancient times.

“What we’re seeing in the oceans is a kind of ice age,” Curtis explains.

“That’s because of our greenhouse effect and the ocean is changing the way it moves.

We’re basically changing the Earth.”

Curtis points out that there are many people living on the land today who may not even know about the fact that they are living on a flat earth.

“There are people who have never been to the South Pole and yet they’ve been told that they’re not real, that they don’t exist,” Curtis explained.

Curtis also points out some of the myths and misconceptions about the Earth that surround us.

“A lot of people don’t realize the extent of how big this earth is,” Curtis continued.

“I’m a little bit of an environmentalist, but I think that if you don’t know about it, it doesn’t really matter what you think you’re doing.”

Curtis argues that the more we know about our environment, the better equipped we will be to deal with future disasters.

“So, the more information we have, the smarter we will have to be to make good decisions about the environment,” Curtis told The Verge.

Curtis said he thinks that the “toxic” documentary will help people understand that the world we live in is not a perfect, ideal place.

“Everything that we do, and everything that we think about, is about the future,” Curtis concluded.

“And we need people to really understand that, because you can’t really make a decision on what you’re going to do with this place until you’re faced with the consequences of that decision.”

Curtis hopes the film can help people be more informed in the future.

“Now, we’re in this very exciting time where we’re going through a massive shift, where the planet is going to change in a really big way,” Curtis added.

“But that’s not the end of it.

We can’t just leave it alone.

We have to make a choice.”

“Toxin” premieres on Showtime on March 13.

The film is directed by and features voices from actors like Adam Curtis and Bill Murray.

Curtis and his team spent over two years researching, shooting, and editing the documentary.

Curtis tells The Verge that he hopes to eventually make a short film about his work.

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