What the florid bubbles in the oceans are up to: Why we’re seeing an uptick in floundering

Floundering is a term used to describe the slow and seemingly random disappearance of plankton in the ocean.

As we’ve seen in the past, this process has become increasingly common over the past few decades, as a result of the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere.

As a result, the oceans have become much more sensitive to the ocean’s changing conditions.

This is due to the fact that as we’ve increased the CO 2 concentration in the atmosphere, the plankton on the seafloor has also increased.

So when the ocean gets too cold, the CO² levels in the water drop.

This makes it more difficult for the ocean to hold on to plankton, which can cause flounders to starve.

This is known as CO2-induced floundermany, and it can lead to the release of CO 2 from the ocean, which eventually results in the blooms seen today.

A study published in Nature Geoscience in December found that this phenomenon has become more common as CO 2 concentrations in the world’s oceans have increased.

The authors suggest that the effect may be related to the growing carbon cycle in the marine environment.

The researchers used satellite imagery of the world oceans to analyse the distribution of planktons in the sea surface, which is now a record of ocean temperature.

They found that in the last century, the concentration of CO2 in the global ocean has increased by about 1,000ppm, which corresponds to the doubling of CO² concentration since 2000.

The results suggest that over the last decade, the ocean has become much warmer, and that these increases are now contributing to the increase in flotation, which could be contributing to a rise in florids, the researchers write.

“Our study shows that flounderers are increasingly vulnerable to CO2 blooms,” says study co-author Peter Voorhoeve, of the Marine Biological Laboratory, in Australia.

“These blooms can be harmful for the ecosystems they are part of, and the release can be damaging for the ecosystem as a whole.”

While this study may not prove that the effects of CO-induced blooms are linked to the increased CO2 levels in our oceans, it does show that the phenomenon is not exclusive to the oceans.

Other researchers have also shown that the oceans may be increasing their sensitivity to CO², by increasing their oceanic circulation.

Researchers have also looked at the potential for CO2 to affect the behaviour of planktivores.

In 2012, a study published online in Geophysical Research Letters found that plankton can be particularly sensitive to CO 2 levels when they live near rivers.

This phenomenon is known to occur when the CO+ in the CO₂ atmosphere is too low.

In fact, the authors suggest the presence of plankts in rivers could be responsible for some of the current CO2 issues in the seas.

These effects are likely to persist because of the relatively low concentrations of CO+ that the atmosphere is producing.

This means that, at the moment, the effects on the ocean are not being amplified by the increase of COℂ.

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