What To Expect From The NBA All-Star Game (From Here)

The NBA is in full-blown All-star mode right now, and with the new league calendar in the books, the league is set to unveil a massive slate of new stars and superstars in the coming weeks.

With that in mind, here are some of the stars to watch in this weekend’s All-Stars Game: * Kobe Bryant: Kobe Bryant is in the All-NBA conversation for the first time in the NBA history.

While many believe that he will be the first player to reach three straight MVP awards, Bryant is already the highest-paid player in the league.

His value is based on his ability to score, create, and be a consistent scorer.

While he’s not an All-Defense player, he’s one of the top rebounders in the game and is also one of only two players in the entire league to score at least 30 points per game.

He’s also one the most dominant offensive players in basketball, finishing the season averaging 28.2 points, 9.8 rebounds, 3.2 assists, and 3.4 steals per game on 47.5 percent shooting from the field and 50.4 percent from three-point range.

He was named MVP of the 2015-16 season, but his season ended in the Finals after falling short of a third straight title.

* Kevin Durant: Durant is a one-of-a-kind player.

He has a knack for making a play at the rim and he’s a one of a kind defender who can defend all three positions on the court.

He is an elite passer with the ability to create his own shot, and he can also be an elite offensive player as well.

His ability to shoot the three and to create from deep makes him one of those players who are not afraid to get into the paint and use his size to stretch the floor.

Durant is an all-around star.

* Kyrie Irving: Kyrie’s game has improved since his rookie season, and this is one of his best seasons yet.

The rookie is a huge reason why he is so valuable.

Kyrie has been the second-leading scorer in the Eastern Conference with 22.1 points per contest, and his scoring average is up from last season’s 19.2.

He leads the league in blocks with 2.4 per game, and while he’s still not a lockdown defender, his length allows him to cover all four positions in the paint.

He also ranks as the fourth-highest scorer on the Cavaliers, and will be looking to continue to put up numbers at this level this season.

* Kawhi Leonard: Kawhi is a two-time All-Defensive First Team selection and a three-time Defensive Player of the Year.

He and Leonard are the only two NBA players with at least 15,000 career points, 11,000 rebounds, and 10,000 assists.

Kawhi also ranks among the best defensive players in NBA history, ranking second in blocked shots per game at 2.5 per game and second in steals per contest at 1.7 per game behind only Russell Westbrook.

Kawi’s scoring average in 2016-17 was a career-high 23.9 points per 100 possessions and he also led the NBA in field goals made per game with 18.8.

Kawih also ranks second in scoring at 21.8 points per-game and is averaging 15.4 rebounds per game this season and is tied for the league lead in blocked shot percentage.

* Pau Gasol: Pau has become one of LeBron James’ favorite players to play with, and Gasol has been a solid presence in the starting lineup since the two met in the 2015 NBA Finals.

He ranks third in the history of the Spurs in points, assists, steals, and minutes played with 11,895.

Pau is also averaging 4.4 assists per game in 2016 and has also contributed to the Spurs success on the defensive end.

Pau’s game is built on speed and explosiveness, and the power forward has also developed into a solid three-and-D player.

Pau has the tools to become an elite perimeter defender, and if he can continue to grow in his game, he could be one of two players who could be the best player on a championship team.

* Carmelo Anthony: Anthony’s career has been marked by inconsistency, but in 2016 he became one of Anthony’s most consistent All-Time scoring leaders.

He ranked third in points in 2016, behind only Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.

His efficiency has dropped off a bit since the All Star break, but Anthony is still a top-five scorer in NBA History and is still among the top 10 in three-pointers made per 36 minutes, rebounds per 36, steals per 36 and blocks per 36.

Anthony is one the only players in history to average more than 15 points and seven assists per contest and is currently tied for second in the all-time NBA scoring

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