When the Flat Earth Theory Died

With Flat Earth theory dead, its adherents have been left wondering why it ever existed.

They’ve been left with a strange, unanswerable question: Why the hell does the flat earth ever exist?

The flat earth is a theory about how the earth’s surface is flat.

It is based on the fact that the earth is round and that the Earth’s rotation takes place at a constant rate.

It says the earth spins on its axis around the sun and orbits the sun.

The earth has no gravitational pull on the sun, which creates an invisible ring around the earth.

When scientists think of the earth, they typically think of it in terms of its gravitational pull.

The gravitational pull of the Earth is much greater than that of the sun at its closest point to the sun: about 0.18 Gs, which is a little more than half of the Sun’s total mass.

The flat Earth theory is based in part on the idea that the universe is a great big computer.

The theory predicts that when the universe was billions of years old, it could have produced all of the stars in the universe.

It predicts that there are billions of galaxies out there, with their own stars and galaxies.

And when the Earth was created, it had a lot of heat, and the planets formed out of the material it has heated.

It is a pretty big idea, but one that has fallen by the wayside in the 21st century.

The Flat Earth Society, which has existed since 1993, has grown rapidly, with adherents now numbering about 4,000 members.

In its final decade, its members were able to take a page out of a number of the most prominent conspiracy theorists of the day.

It started with the belief that the United States government has been manipulating the weather, with a purpose of keeping the weather in check.

In fact, it is not true that the weather changes by a single day, but rather, it depends on how many cycles of weather a particular day has to pass before it will have a chance to start to change.

This theory was the subject of a series of hoaxes that took place over the last few years.

It was later revealed that it was a hoax and a hoaxer, and that conspiracy theorists are actually using it as a source of disinformation to keep the public informed.

The hoaxes continued into the 21th century, and in the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump was the first president to be elected in a country that has a reputation for being suspicious of the weather.

The hoaxers were using the hoaxes to keep voters ignorant, while helping to create a climate of suspicion that was further reinforced by Trump’s tweets.

The Flat Earth Movement is the result of the rise of climate change denial in the United State.

The conspiracy theories that have been used to discredit climate change are based on a misunderstanding of science, the climate itself, and its implications for human survival.

It was this misunderstanding that allowed conspiracy theorists to exploit the Flat Earthers to create this movement.

The organization has continued to grow and has more than 10,000 supporters, with the Flat-Earthers themselves being the main group behind it.

The theory is very popular among conspiracy theorists, and they can be quite convincing.

In recent years, conspiracy theorists have used the theory to attack climate scientists, and to suggest that global warming is a global hoax that will end the planet.

Some conspiracy theorists even claim that the theory is a plot to destroy the planet, with climate change as a convenient scapegoat.

Even though conspiracy theorists like to use a wide variety of conspiratorial theories to attack the climate, some of the more popular theories have been a favorite target of the Flat Earner community.

They have been especially successful in targeting scientists who have been critical of the theory, including climate scientists at NASA and other government agencies.

For example, the Flat EARner movement has attacked climate scientists like Richard Lindzen and James Hansen, who have criticized the FlatEarther movement for promoting a false understanding of climate science.

The movement has also targeted climate change skeptics like Andrew Weaver, who has said that the FlatEARner movement is a “fake conspiracy.”

The Flat EARners also targeted NASA scientist James Hansen.

The group used emails he exchanged with NASA employees and other information to spread the FlatEarth theory, which they said is a conspiracy theory.

They also accused Hansen of being a member of the flat Earth movement, though Hansen himself denied the accusation.

Hansen has denied the allegations and has since moved to the University of Massachusetts.

But the FlatEarner movement was not the only conspiracy theory used to attack scientists.

A group called the Flat Uprising claimed that the U.S. government is attempting to overthrow the Flat world and that scientists have been using the Flat movement to spread their views.

This conspiracy theory has since been debunked.

The flat earth movement also spread a number other false conspiracy theories, including that scientists are trying to “take over the world,” that global climate change is a hoax, and even that the

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