When the sea rises, the next flood will be a pointed toe flat

Posted July 09, 2019 05:21:39When the sea is high and the land is dry, it can be hard to gauge where to place a boat and how to raise the boat to the surface.

But in the Southern Ocean, there are very few tides, and so the sea often rises in a very gradual way.

And when the sea gets higher, the tides change and the sea tends to be pointed out, rather than flat.

The new Australian National University study, published today in the journal Nature Geoscience, finds that the pointed-toe flat pattern can be used to determine where to build a boat.

The researchers used the tide gauge at Port Stephens in Tasmania to determine the point of tide, then used the satellite images to track the wave direction over the course of the day.

They then created a digital model that took into account the change in the wave, the ocean height and the tides.

They found that the area where a boat would normally rise in the tidal area was the one where the tide was highest.

So, if the sea were rising higher in the Gulf of Carpentaria, they would expect the wave to be coming from that area, but the wave was instead coming from the opposite direction, toward the coast.

So if you look closely, the waves are coming from areas where the wave is coming from, and where the sea surface is flat.

In fact, when you look at the model, the wave pattern looks like a pointy-toothed cat.

But that doesn’t mean it is flat, and the scientists say that the patterns are more like the waves of a sea, not a point.

They say the data suggests that a point is more likely to occur in the northern hemisphere, in the tropics.

But it also suggests that the points may not be very consistent.

“If we look at a very long-term time scale, we do not see a consistent pattern,” Dr Jules Houghton, one of the study’s co-authors from the University of Tasmania said.

“It is really a very random, chaotic pattern.”

He said the research was important because it was the first time that researchers have used data to predict where a sea is likely to go in a specific location.

“We have a huge range of information available, and that’s what we hope is really important in this case,” Dr Houghson said.

The research also had some unexpected results.

When the researchers looked at the tide gauges, they found that there were areas where sea levels were rising, and other areas where they were not.

And in some places, the tide did not change at all.

“The tides are so unpredictable and unpredictable, that we can’t really predict when the tide will go to a particular place,” Dr Andrew Kayser, a researcher from the Queensland Institute of Marine Science who was not involved in the study, said.

But he said it was important to note that the study showed the point at which the tide should have risen in the tropical sea was not always where the data showed it should be.

“What is really interesting is that it shows a pattern of tide and the amount of sea elevation that is rising in a given region, and not just the tide itself,” Dr Kaysing said.

This is not the first study that has found that a tide gauge may not show the right shape for a boat, and is more like a wave.

A previous study published in Nature GeoScience showed that the tide may be different in certain locations, but not others.

And a study published last year found that waves in the Pacific Ocean may be very different from waves in land.


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