When you get gold flats, you’ll need to get gold on a silver plate

LOS ANGELES — A pair of gold flats on sale for $1,500 each on eBay were the prize of the weekend’s “tijuana flat” event at a Las Vegas casino.

But the flat symbol on the silver plate didn’t seem too appealing.

It was not long before the flat logo of a gold coin on a red, white and blue plate became a focal point of the “tijuanaco,” a term used to describe a silver coin that is a staple of Mexican currency.

On Saturday, the “gold flats” sold out in an hour and a half.

It’s a trend that has been going on for the past several years.

Tijuanacos are an alternative to the traditional Mexican currency, the peso, in which the coin symbol is the letter A.

The silver plate is on a gold rim, and the coin’s design is written in red.

The flat logo has a gold dot on the rim and the word “TIJUANA” above it.

The auctioneer says that the “futuristic” flat is a combination of the letter “A” with the letters “B” and “C” of the Mexican flag.

The word “Mexican” appears above the word B, the symbol of the United States, on the gold plate.

The sales took place at the Tijuana Coin Exchange, a coin shop and coin dealer, in the Las Vegas strip.

There were also auctions on the Internet for “gold flat” coins.

There were several other “tjuanaco” auctions taking place in Las Vegas and around the country, according to auctioneer Robert O’Brien.

The term is a popular online currency trading forum and the coins are sometimes sold at auctions and for money-lending services.

The Tijuana coin exchange sells the silver flat and other coins at a steep markup.

It is a way for buyers and sellers to trade the coins in a fair manner.TIJuanaco is not a legitimate currency.

The word “tje,” meaning “money” or “moneylender,” is not in the Latin language.

It was coined by a Chinese scholar in the 1960s and was never adopted by any major Mexican bank.

Auctions are not legal in Mexico, so the coins must be sold at an official auction house, which is why the silver and gold coins are sold through an auction house in Las Angeles, California, and not through online exchanges.

There are a handful of “tjanaco” shops in Mexico.

They are licensed dealers who sell coins and other valuable merchandise.

Some are licensed to sell gold, silver and other rare coins, but not gold or silver bullion.

They are not required to be registered or to comply with laws that regulate the sale of gold and silver.

Auctioneer Robert H. O’Bryan said he started selling Tijuanacas back in 2011, after selling about 1,000 of them to the public.

The coin is not the first time the term has become a buzzword in Mexico and beyond.

It has been used in the past in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe.

In the United State, people have been talking about “tjinas” since before the Gold Rush.

In 2008, an online forum known as the TIJuanacas Forums began to spread around the world, attracting thousands of visitors.

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