Which pair are the hottest in the UK?

This is the fourth instalment of a four-part series looking at the hottest pairs of flats in the country.

Find out which pair are most popular and which are the biggest bargains.

The pair of flats below are the top three in the rankings for each category and the second best in the list of highest-priced flats in all categories. 

The Top Three Top Three Flat Prices in all Categories in London & Wales, £100k & over £100k £100,000-£150,000 £150,001-£200,000£200 and over  The most popular pair of flat prices in London and the country at large are listed below.

The most popular price in the top tier is listed at the top of the table. 

Top three top three price rankings in London, £1m, £2m, & over. 

£1m £2m  £2,000+ £3,000& over  The top three prices are all very similar to each other but each one has a slightly higher price per square foot than the others. 

For the best prices in the city and country, you can also browse our UK Top Ten Top 10 Best Prices in the City and Country which lists the top 10 cheapest flats in London. 

 Top 10 UK Top 10 Most Expensive Flats in London (Inclusive of All Types)

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