Why Tesla’s Silver Flats are the best-looking cars of the year

The silver flats are a classic American design trend that’s taken off over the past decade or so, and they’ve been a hit with cars from Audi, Lexus, and BMW.

But now Tesla’s new Tesla Silver Flashes are the most stylish cars you’ll see in 2018.

1 / 11 Elon Musk and his Silver Flashing Model S in a Tesla Silver Flat.

Musk, founder of the electric carmaker, has been a big fan of the design for years.

Tesla’s newest Silver Flashed cars come in three different color schemes, and all of them are pretty good looks.


Silver Flat Silver Flat Silver Flattop Silver Flat Tesla’s silver flats come in various color schemes.

Here’s a look at the top three.


Silver Flates Silver Flated Silver Flatter Silver Flatted Silver Flatts Silver FlatTesla’s Silver flats come with a silver color scheme, and most of them come with the option to upgrade to a flat or flat-out.

Tesla is making some Silver Flights in the US, but not yet for sale.


Flat Silver FlatSilver Flattops Silver Flanks The Tesla Silver flats aren’t really all that different from a standard flat, with the exception of a bit of a change in the shape.

Tesla says that the flat is a more versatile car design than the flat, and that you can use it as a base for other cars.

The flat itself can also be used as a suspension design, although Tesla says it’s not intended to be used for this.

But it does offer a better look than a standard, flat-up car, which can be a little overwhelming for a car that’s usually all about looks.

Tesla has made a number of flat-ups over the years, but this one is probably the best looking.

The Silver Flat design looks like a normal flat.

The design is inspired by the Flatts of the late 20th century, with a bit more of an oval-shaped base.

A more flat, more square-shaped Flatts might be better suited for sports cars, but Tesla’s Flatts are still quite striking.

Tesla Silver flats are also available in black and silver, which are both great looks.

And the Silver Flat’s styling is more refined than most flat cars.

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