Why you shouldn’t try to make an ‘Earth-friendly’ bitcoin burger with this Mexican Flat Earth Meme

If you’re going to do a bitcoin burger, make sure the meat is real and not fake.

The bitcoin burger was the subject of a meme circulating on the internet, showing a burger cooked in the traditional manner with a “flat” ground surface.

The meme has since been deleted, but it resurfaced on Tuesday.

The poster, known only as “D.

M,” wrote: “The burger is done, but there are still some bugs.”

The meme is based on a photograph posted by the “Real Meat” account, which claims to have “reached” a “new level of authenticity” with the burger.

“There are still a few bugs, but that’s OK,” the post said.

“We have done the burger to a new level of integrity with the ground surface, and the burger is now completely edible.

We’ll see how it goes!”

The poster also said that they are working to get the burger “in the hands of our local authorities.”

“We are not making any claims as to what the real ground texture is, and we’re not trying to mislead anybody.

The ground is completely real.

If you need a burger to be authentic, look no further than our meat.”

The post has since appeared on the “real meat” Facebook page, where users have been sharing the photo and the meme.

The account has not responded to requests for comment.

However, the account has a history of posting memes of similar nature, including one of a fake pizza crust, which appeared on Reddit.

The “Realmeat” account also posted a photograph of a woman with a burger on Tuesday, claiming to be “from a local butcher”.

The image shows the woman standing next to a pile of food with the caption: “This is my food to show you how real the real food is.”

In another post, “RealMeat” also shared a picture of a hamburger cooked on a flat ground surface as well as another photograph of the same burger with the same caption.

“You are now seeing a photo of my food and I am now sharing it with you on the same page,” it said.

“Now we are talking real food!”

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